by Ravino

Whats hadnin everybody. I hope your Christmas was everything you and yours hoped it would be. My family had a ball and we look to have an even better new year. For this #MidasMondays, I will be decoding the second verse from my song, “Heaven’s Love” off the RCGB album. I’ve been writing in this format since I learned Haiku as a young boy. My rap friends always find it funny that Ionly use 1/4 of the paper…lol. Anyway,  the producer of this song, Martec, was going through a tough time with the lost of his brother.  We scrapped the first song after hearing about the death and this is what I came up with. Thanks for the continued support. I love those who love me . One love. Happy New Year



HEAVEN’S LOVE (verse 2) :


The homie had the two door Civic

every Thursday we would go

where the rich folk kicked out

just driving and dreaming

wishing and pleading

tryna visualize happy

gotta dine where they eating

California the crib

Colorado the condo

So the kush in the jar

and the burner in the console

weight on my shoulders

you can hear it in my convo

the Gang Green Rondo

heart like a whale

stroke and a seizure

I’m just so afraid to fail

Paradise awakes as I make it

through this hell

Voice of a nation

Whole life flashing

as I’m staring down your honor

who these niggas think they gassin’

Good die young

I aint talking bout Vince

Hook em like the Horns

Been rolling ever since

Black cloud of doubt

I still battle like Beat Street

Beach C

I could never be P.C.

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