by Ravino

What’s hadnin (what is happening for my slow folks) ….

With only two weeks left in the year I am very excited for 2014 and what looks to be lining up as a big year for myself and the team. Last week, we started meeting and preparing for the #3hree project so when you see the #3hree you know its something big and very promising for the culture. This week I have two shows, December 19 @ Casselmans in Denver and December 20 @ Rawkus in Colorado Springs, CO.  I’m looking forward to performing my new songs off of RED CARDS GREEN BOTTLES (RCGB)  and alot of you have been hitting me up saying this will be your first time seeing me live so you’re in for a big surprise. Also, this week look out for the CULTURE OVER CURRENCY production im in with A.P., Hustle Man, Turner Jackson, DJ K Tone and more. It drops on Wednesday Dec 18 and the CO 2 AZ SOUTHWEST TAKEOVER mixed by DJ JOHN BLAZE is available for download on December 16, 2013. Stay tuned for the link.

The recording of the album  is still a process for RCGB and I recently got in the lab with Trev Rich and will be in the studio this week with Bianca Mikahn to put finishing touches on what I believe is my best work to date. I got a little something for everybody this time and I didn’t conceptualize so much that it took away from the music I wanted to make. If I liked the production then I did the song. There were  quite a few songs that I liked initially that won’t make the album because I wanted to keep a tone to the music and those in particular didn’t fit the format.

The team and I have a great rollout plan for the album starting with the “ASK ABOUT ME” song and campaign. I look forward to visiting  each one of your cities and hopefully meeting each and every one of you. I can honestly say I have never been this excited about music in my life. It just feels the right. The music and the movement just feels right.

One love to the people.


Shot out to my team : Jae One, Nikki Swarn, Difrent, B.O.S.S. Boyz, Mulinjer Publishing, Ontoneyo, Bull, Lauren Michaels, Michelyn Johnson, Gwendolyn Heard, and Ru Johnson.


P.S , Welcome To The D.O.P.E. GAME  …. Jeremy Pape, Turner Jackson, Hustle Man

photo by: Tia Nunyadamm

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