RCGB Review by Leonard “Graffiti” Johnson

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First and foremost, I’m honored to be involved in this process. I’ve been following the marketing of this project since the beginning and I’m loving it. Great job!

Ok, here goes…
I’ve listened to the album from start to finish numerous times since receiving it. From iPod to home stereo. Macbook to car stereo. As I sit here with my headphones one listening again, I realize the only way I could properly deliver my thoughts on the album as a whole is to break it down by each track.
So check me out….
1) My Life – Perfect track to start off the album. The heavy kick drum drop overlaying the hypnotizing synth riff instantly snatched my attention. Midas came out swinging lyrically with the “Oh y’all niggas forgot about me” flow set. The hook rolls in and Nakira Ross delivers a soft yet heavy set of vocals helping to guide us into what I expect to be a soulful yet gritty musical journey. 
2) UFO’s – As soon as this instrumental rolls in, after the sample vocals my first thought is “Ok, this is the part where you’re suppose to roll one up”. The production is oh so smooth. very chill vibe. “Ride and smoke” type song for sure. 
3) Ask About Me – This one was an obvious choice for the first single. When those piano keys hit I was waiting to hear “Mustard on the Beat Hoe!” shortly after. This track has all the elements of the modern club banger. Too catchy to avoid. 
4) Rukus Interlude – Still bouncing as the previous track fades out, Ruckus bust in my zone, snatches my jig and hits me with a crazy string of instant quotable’s. Damn!
5) Doobie Club – This is easily one of my favorites on the album. The mood is so sexy and cool on this track. Midas spits that  “float flow” over a cloud of jazzy horns and mellow drum patterns. Bianca stole the show for me though. Her sensual yet poetic vocals over the relaxing instrumental sent my mind off into the chillest of chill zones.
 6) Choosin – Player. Cadillac emblems, “Dark & Lovely” hair relaxers. The pimpism is in full effect on this one. Keeping up the smooth vibe of the album thus far…Which is what almost had me press skip to the next track. I kind of got that “Ok, is the entire album gonna be this chill?” type feeling. Hoping that the next track would have more of an “Ask About Me” bounce to it.
7) Demonstrate – Didn’t know what to expect when the song came on and the wide organ synth rolled in. Midas speaks the first couple lines and I know where its going. “This is the song for the ladies”. I would typically skip “this” one unless Im in the car with my lady…Thats until the hi hats start to shake up and J.Carey delivers a captivating hook. The subtle bounce had me nodding and humming the melody before I even realized I was doing it. 
8) Heavens Love – My favorite song on the album. The whole feel of this joint is very Jay – Z-esque. Most relatable lyrics. Classic Hip Hop drum pattern. Vintage East Coast sample loop. Winner.
9) Party in Traffic – Ok, the bounce is back! Instant nods. This is the one I have to bang in the truck as soon as I hop in. The subtle switch up and piano drops on the second verse, vicious. Now Im in my party zone as F.L creeps in and sprinkles more dope in my vibe cup. Excellente. 
10) Ok to Be You – This futuristic beat starts up and has me a bit confused. Not sure if I like it quite yet…First verse kicks on. I instantly get where this one is going. Love the message. Very meaningful lyrics. Not feeling Pries on the hook along with J.Carey. I feel J.Carey would have done the job as is with the soulfulness of his voice. Pries worked for the verse feature though. 
11) Thats Why You Mad – Not really feeling this one. The hook throws me off. The exaggeration of Trev’s accent sounds kind of  “Rich Homie/Future-ish” but not quite, if that makes sense. This is one of those tracks that I have to hear in the club before I can really vibe to it. I would have liked to have heard a verse from Trev at the end instead of the auto tuned Midas bar set. 
12) D.O.A – This is the skipper for me. It just gives off a real “THIS is the mainstream song” type feel for me. The production is distracting and the hook is very radio generic. I get it, but Im just not feeling this one.
13) Nothing – Just as I was starting to unlace my Chucks, A.P quickly snatches me back into the hood. Love this track. Real life. Perfect set of MC’s to deliver this relatable message. Can’t help but sing along to this hook. 
14) Curtain Call Remix – *CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP* Volume on high. Energy up. Ready to hit the strip club, night club, gulf club or wherever twerk fest take place. This one is a hit. 
15) Champagne for Everybody – It just feels…Good. Another instant favorite. This one reminds me of how blessed I really am. Had thoughts of all the homies I wish could share this moment with me, but in a cheerful sense. Perfect way to close out the album. * Cheers!*
Red Cards Green Bottles. Very solid piece of musical art. Production is great. Lyrics, meaningful and impactful. There are definitely a few instant hits, as well as a few small misses. But all in all this album took me on a journey. This is by far the best project I’ve heard from Mr.Midas. Massive amounts of growth in this album compared to his earlier work. Yet, from his 2003 “Molotov Cocktails” release, all the way up til this most recent piece, Midas has made it clear that he is who he is. His music continues to deliver his story. This one will be in the deck for a while.


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