RCGB review by Casha Wallace

by headquarters


Thank you for the opportunity to preview the album I am honored, I consider myself to be an artist with great appreciation for all music, I have always been a Mr. Midas fan, I respect the work ethic and the love for the music. A mile high city classic, thanks for letting me be a part of it.  … Here we go! 

My Life”- the beat is so Mile High!! Great why to set the tone for the album. The mixing and production were industry standard. I loved the hook and as a singer/songwriter it sounds like something I would have written and the vocals sound awesome


UFO’s.”- Great minds think alike, loved the sample and just the good feeling of this track. I will be bumping this all summer a great summer track, I wish I could have seen the track list cause this is also a great hook, makes me feel motivated and inspired, and the production?! Love it, can’t wait to see who made the beat. “I’m in my own lane, I be working I’m no Tommy” Loved that line. The concept is great “we UFO”s” Catchy.


Ask About Me”- The Club banger!!!! The Beat was Bananas, Not my favorite track, the hook was good, Midas held his own against the beat, puts me in the mind of Jeezy, but in my opinion not Midas at his best. I’m sure it will still go in the Club but not quite “I run my town” status.


 Ruckus Interlude– Ruckus is always great; the spoken word was a great addition to the album loved it.

Doobie Club”-The smoke song!!! I loved the vocals and the hook, and Midas is Mr. Midas on this track, artistic loved the feature can’t wait to see who that is, she kind of got a Erykah Badu feel to her.


Heavens Love”- The production sounds east coast but I love the originality and versatility it exhibits, this is one of my favorites, you can hear the pain of what it took to get you here, the concept is something that is missing in hip hop, only true artist can go where you went here, deep. “I’m always dying at the end life’s never feel” puts me in the mind of Tupac “This is the realest shit I ever wrote”


Demonstrate”-One of my favorites, rappers don’t do this well, that thing was set off ” I eat it all like the last meal” then proceed to go in. You gone have all the bitches head gone, this is the song for the ladies for sure. I fell in love with this track! The ladies need more of songs like this, You did that! The Collaboration was perfect, the vocals and the mixing, this will be a classic for me.


Choosin”- I Looove the production on this! “These hoes be choosing” It put me in the mind of UGK, pimp  C specifically, I like that actually cause you did it in your own way, it felt to me like homage, and I Loved that.  Not hamburger helper though..lmao I was weak.


Party in Traffic”-Wayne’s World!! I could actually skip this song, but I am sure there is an audience for it. I would let it play but I would not replay it, it was coo just not my favorite. All your production was awesome this song included, I guess this is what a lot of niggas like to hear and you did it well. I might have to be on some type of drug to feel it like I’m supposed to. Lol I think that’s what you made it for if so, you hit it on the head, does make you want to thizz dance.


Ok to Be You”-Loooved this Song, one of my fav’s, I be replaying this thang, The concept is awesome, a message a lot of young people need to hear. Music is missing this, I’m proud to say your apart of the city’s music scene.


T.W.Y.M”- I can’t stop hearing this in my head all day. “That’s why you mad, that’s why you mad” I got this one on replay too.  I love this hook! Well done.


D.O.A”- This is a single!! With a radio version that is. You giving love to ladies, I love it.  I don’t know if you could make it radio ready but, everything else is on the radio so why not.


Nothing”-The production on this I fell in love with. I love Mr. Midas like this, at your best in my opinion on this track. Whoever is featured here was awesome as well.


Curtain Call”- Gang Green in the Building!!!!! It was coo. I would let it play and be jigging, but I wouldn’t skip to this track when I popped the CD in. You placed it right, great way to come to the end still rocking.


Champagne For Errybody”-This sounds like classic Midas. I replay this song and it is the last one. Great way to bring the album full circle. “Champagne for everybody“.

This Album is a classic, Mr. Midas has made a great choice to release this album in the spring it will definitely be a summer banger, industry status production and the versatility and artistry exhibited is something to be proud of. It may be true that everything Midas touches turns to gold. The album is a banger from beginning to end, the features are awesome, and the production is Crazy! There is a little something for everyone on this album, the ladies will love it, fellow rappers will be inspired, Midas fans will not be disappointed and the hip hop heads will respect it. On this album Mr. Midas gives us everything the games been missing and a little extra, a little west coast, with a little Midwest, mixed with a touch of down south and a sprinkle of east coast.  A must have, the town should celebrate “Champagne for Everybody”.

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