MIDAS responds to the #32Barchallenge with “ControVerse”

by headquarters


Denver rapper “Lil Bad” has been busy recently, releasing The Colfax District, Bad News and Shark Syndrome 2.0. So he decided to instigate a show of Denver’s hip-hop strength, releasing a song called “Controversy.” It’s a bold statement, two and a half minutes of lines like “I’m the king ’round here.” It ends with a message to his peers:

“I challenge you. You have 24 hours to give me 32 bars. Okay? Okay. Controversy!”

As with any artists at the top of the ranks, this makes you a target for those who want your spot. It wasnt long before the city started going for Midas in their verses… His response was one for the books…

Many of the cities notables dropped responses to the #32BarChallenge,

Some Good, ┬áSome Great, and some…. Well, you decide

Here is a sample of what was said:

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  1. Von
    15 December 14, 11:17pm

    Very talented artist from his vocabulary to his word blends. The beats and music behind the lyrics are the icing on the cake for me.

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